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Blogger Imposter Syndrome

What to say.

I have writer’s block. Perhaps if I start it will come to me. 

This is my third start. I keep feeling the imposter syndrome. “You aren’t an expert. Why should people read what you have to say. Someone out there probably has disproven the research or knowledge you feel is true. What if you get nasty comments.” 

I don’t like listening to bullies, even if they are my own thoughts. Perhaps those things are true and… perhaps they are not. I can’t know it all and nor should I feel shame for not. I share what I know for now. 

But then I feel the anxiety tickling and shutting down my thinking brain and it makes it hard to work out what thoughts to even begin to put down onto paper. 

Do you ever feel this way? How do you get past it? 

Perhaps you can help…

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