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Hi, I'm Eliza, one of the contributors here at  Mum Learns. I am a mom who is trying to understand the complexities of parenting. As an experienced early years teacher, I thought I had the tools and knowledge needed to be a successful parent. However, I quickly realised that parenting my adopted child was an entirely different ball game. I found myself struggling to parent effectively without understanding how trauma can impact a child's behaviour. My journey of researching, attending courses, and therapy has been eye-opening and has helped me become a more empathetic and patient parent. I'm definitely still learning and have a long way to go but I hope this site helps you to find answers to your child's behaviour faster than I did!

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Mother and Daughter

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Parenting is an adventure with lots of twists and turns, and I'm here to share my journey with you. At Mum Learns, I believe in being honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of parenting. I offer tips and advice for navigating the tricky waters of parenthood, but I also believe in the power of community. Join me and other parents as we laugh, cry, and learn together. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your parenting journey.

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